Our Grants


The goal of the 2012 fund is to assist U.S. athletes with the best chance of qualifying for the 2012 Olympic team in either the 20km or 50km race walk. Athletes have opportunities for grants upon reaching certain milestones along the way.

  1. Multiple grants are available per applicant based upon progress toward goals.
  2. To be eligible for a grant, an athlete must have walked within 3 minutes of the B standard for the men and 3:15 for the women. The goal of this first grant is to assist the athlete reaching the B standard by either providing funds to support training or getting to a race where the standard can be achieved.  
  3. Once an athlete reaches the Olympic B standard, then the next goal is to achieve the A standard. Any athlete achieving the B standard may apply of addition grant money to help them reach the A standard..
  4. Third grant is to achieve a top 10 performance in a world competition, i.e. World Cup, World Championships, or the Olympic Games. Therefore, in order to apply you must have the A standard.

To apply for the grant, please send your athletic resume and a detailed description of your goals and specifically how a grant will help you achieve them. Please submit and itemized budget proposal to Tom Eastler. Applications will be funded based to the fullest extent possible based upon our financial resources.

If you are interested in supporting the 2012 Olympic Games Training Fun, please donate to our tax deductable non profit now!